Deep Roots

  Just after I moved to Tulsa, the city celebrated its centennial. Since I had grown up the Ohio Valley, near Fort Pitt, I remember thinking that was pretty cute. Pittsburgh’s history dates back to before the Revolutionary War. Some sweet little pioneer town having a big blow out over 100 little old years. As […]

Turn Left

I’ve been trekking over a small ridge along the spine of campus to get to the running trail that heads into the town. But today, I took a left turn onto the rest of the mountain trail. The wooded path freckled in the morning sun, and a warming breeze floated through the tunnel of trees. […]

Have Tos and Get Tos

I start my runs most days at the trail head for a cross country spur that winds along the spine of a mile-long campus. One of the most unexpected joys of campus life is the delightful cacophony of activity. It reminds me of what I have to do and what I get to do. When […]

Jen in Rome: A Month-Long Tour

My friend Diana’s post flickered past my awareness. I’ve been “too busy” to read blogs from my talented friends lately. But something about the photo, or the phrasing, something tickled the periphery and I stopped, for once, the incessant scrolling. She’s challenging herself to 31 days of posts this month. I’ve been pretending I’m too […]

10 Songs That Made Me

My dear friend Jenna, who has known me through all my various hair color incarnations, sent me her list of 40 songs that shaped her life. She challenged me to create mine. I’ve been mulling it for a while. Here are ten. 1. Puff the Magic Dragon Dad used to strum this on the guitar […]

Diagnosis: The Beginning

Apropos of nothing, a cat. Last week’s post on ADHD, and the first one here. I remember the day I finally went to see someone for help. I was 19, a college sophomore and slipping into the tangled soup of chronic depression. When I heard the doctor pronounce the words, something inside me shifted. Not […]

Another Brick in the Wall

Last week, I shared a bit at Deeper Story about just one of the many challenges of having a “different” child. I. Response to the many private conversations I’ve had since then, I’ll be using this space to address some other challenges, and some pure delights, in these goofy kids. If you have something you’d […]

Why I Run: Ben’s Story

In 2006 I ran a 5k with my son, without any formal training.  I did it for my son’s school challenge because he wanted me to. I finished dead last in my age group, but I did it and that was it. I was happy to do it but as a runner I was pretty […]

Dangerous and Beautiful

Keep going when it feels dangerous, rocky, scary.   I was thinking of this statement as I hauled load after load of firewood into my house on Monday. Like the slippery flash of hope, this red berry winked at me from its house among the icicles clinging to the ivy. On Monday, I compared finding […]

Forget The Pain

After the ebullience fades to a warm, muscular fire. After feeling has returned to my fingers and toes, Long after I have swallowed the tears that rise like mountains from the deepest pits of mile 15 Long after I stopped giving kids high fives and smiling at jokes After. After weeks and weeks of hot, […]