Breaking the Fast

Typically, when people fast, the point is to step away from something that confounds or confuses the here and the now. For instance, when someone fasts for a day, she does so to remind herself that even things we need can get in the way of our relationships, our focus, our true needs. Food is necessary, but it is not the center.

When I stepped away from this little old weird place in May, I heaved a cleansing sigh. I wouldn’t have to tweet and facebook and propel myself into the wired world for clicks and hits and comments. I would get a break from the striving, and let’s be honest, from the discipline of keeping this place somewhat active.

I had time to tinker with ideas about this space, too. I wondered if it was worth it. There are a lot of voices out there in the wind; why not just let them have the mic?

And it is true: blogging is not the center. It’s not even, strictly speaking, necessary.

The Anonymous Project, for which I am still accepting submissions, was a great summer diversion that I’ll keep going as long as people have stories to share. Much like in fasting from food, I plan to take a gentle resumption of duties here, going with clear fluids and broth first and hopefully moving into some essays on writing.

I hope that you will attend Ignite Tulsa, where I will be among the speakers on September 28.

Keep an ear open, too, about some possibly super exciting news about my first novel, which I spent part of the summer revising.

I’ve been reading tons, too. On my summer list were “Nightmarriage,” by Chad Thomas Johnston; Anabel Unraveled, by Amanda Lynch, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee (about which I could talk forever), my perennial perusal of Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, plus Addie Zierman’s forthcoming book “When We Were on Fire.” All of them need to be on your list. I’m also reading Ender’s Game, and The Book Thief. People, there is not enough time in the world.

So, allow me to welcome myself back into the webby pool of loud voices with my quiet little voice.