A Week in the Life

Sometime during advent, my friend Kristin ran a post of instagram photos describing a particular aspect of advent. I don’t recall the exact theme, but I do recall the photos. In one, we saw a dark alley hung with Christmas lights, and a dumpster in the foreground. The image was full in its simplicity, rich with contextual contrast.

Someone wondered on Facebook today about the draw of Instagram. ¬†While I don’t use the popular app with the vigor or hashtags of the truly inspired, I have come to appreciate the visual acumen of other Instagram users. The question on Facebook made me curious about my own photo feed, and what it might suggest about me, my family or how I see the world. Apparently, I eat, outside, a lot. But I think these shots from a week in the homeschool life were sort of a fun summary of how we do at Luithaus.

Posting these was also a nice break at the end of our first year of homeschooling; I’m up to my neck in papers.

I love to see how others use photo apps for curating ideas, art or techniques. Wonder if you might link up in the comments of a photo that shows your world in a single frame?


20120517-212108.jpgMy week started with fresh beignet and hot coffee on Mother’s Day.

20120517-211923.jpg It’s all about the building supplies. Not pictured is my Chi Man paste.

20120517-211939.jpgThe newest addition, Sophie, gets a bath.

I like to call this “health in a bowl,” which is dorky but true. My sister, my best cheerleader, teases me about. Mangos in yogurt.

20120517-212017.jpgSome days are longer than others.


Iced coffee makes grading easier.

20120517-211911.jpg Meatless Thursday, quinoa stuffed bell peppers. Love the colors here.