Running Makes Everything Better

In 2010, I laced up some old running shoes to see if I could manage to run 3 miles with The Dog. My first book recounts the story of how I started doing this to prevent The Dog from depositing his detritus under my sewing table, where I had spent considerable time. Before long, I […]

Parenting Paradox

Today, I’m going to share with you my number one, most true parenting truth you’ve ever heard. It will change your life. Listen. Last night, my son asked me to wake him up early, even though school started an hour later and he could sleep in. I reminded him of that fact, and he resisted. […]

Awake in the Night

I lay drowsy in the dark room, a dim light from the hall and a low hum of activity cluttered the space just outside my awareness. Beside me a new little critter stirred in her clear acrylic bassinet. Before she could stir, she was in my arms, rooting and grunting and pink and warm and […]

A Mile is a Mile

My sister called me this morning, and when she asked me how I was I ran into my room and started to cry. I hid in the bathroom a little while after we spoke, because moving Okies to Georgia is fraught in all the usual ways and I didn’t want to share my angst with […]