Just Trying to Get There

Last week, my longest-term running partner and I were slogging through eight soppy  miles. The cloud cover did little to assuage the moisture-heavy air. A slight breeze only swirled up the heat around us. We stopped at a shady spot to refill our water when we spotted them. Two gorgeous young women ran toward us. “Ran” really […]

Off the Bench

A long time ago, I grew tired of men arguing with me on Facebook and Twitter about sexual assault statistics on college campuses. I grew tired of explaining: rape isn’t about sex, or what she was wearing or how drunk she was. A long time ago I became tired of reiterating the (actual, provable) fact […]

A Voice in the Wind

I drove my (African American) neighbor on an errand yesterday. He was circumspect, gracious and quiet. His movements were slow and his voice was quiet. His mouth was full of yes ma’ams and no ma’ams. They tumbled out of him like apologies. When I deposited him at the end of his errand, his sister was […]