Mother Weight

Before a woman has children, her wisdom is clear and distinct. Her ideals are commandments chiseled from on high. She knows she will tread the wire stretched taut across the expanse of her many towering responsbilities. Once those little creatures come along, that wisdom plunges, the commandments crack, the wire snaps. Those babies, with their […]

Daily Practice

Inspired by my friend Andi who writes and posts every day, despite being the owner of a farm with goats and other farm-type things of whose existence I remain blissfully unaware, and having the distinct honor of driving my daughters to school an hour before I clock in for work, I find myself most mornings […]

Writing the Balance

With the onslaught of the school year, and the shifting schedules of 5 people, I’ve been mindful of time. How I use it, how I can use it better, ways to waste and ways to add value to those little minutes that slip away like water in an open palm. The photos of kids on […]