And Here is the Steeple

When I say we meet on the trail by the river, I mean that is where we arrive en masse. To suggest something akin to fellowship happens there, at the park, in the ink of early morning, is disingenuous. We are, however, like something of a congregation. We arrive in our various modes of transport, […]

Dear Sirs

Dear Sirs, I don’t want to be afraid. I don’t want to be afraid of you. I wasn’t always, you know. Just a few years ago, I was guileless. I was at ease and ignorant. I had managed to scrape through forty some years without a chink in the daft armor. But you changed that. […]

Where are the Forks?

Every first day of something is bound to be fraught. And wrought. Under the morning moon, I drove empty¬†streets toward a parking lot. At the far end, a clutch of reflectively clad people stood in a wobbly circle, their breath like so many clouds expelled into the dark before dawn.¬†The night before, I had studied […]