Ruinous Runs and Other Things I’ll Do Again

I have nothing. Or perhaps I have a field of tumbleweeds sweeping across my thoughts. Marathon Four has left me in a weird and untenable state, a state of which I was I previously and happily unaware. I have been rendered proudly disappointed. Marathon Four picked me up, turned me upside down and shook me loose. […]

On Your Knees

Outside, snow falls in that Norman Rockwell way; quiet and tinged with vintage promises. The kids are wrapped up and reading or tromping snow in and out of the house. And this is the day you decide to clean the tile floor in the kitchen. This is the day you realize that those vintage promises […]

10 Songs That Made Me

My dear friend Jenna, who has known me through all my various hair color incarnations, sent me her list of 40 songs that shaped her life. She challenged me to create mine. I’ve been mulling it for a while. Here are ten. 1. Puff the Magic Dragon Dad used to strum this on the guitar […]

Fennel and a Birthday

I chose the cart with the lunky wheel, per usual. Or maybe that’s the only kind of cart. My list seemed endless and my time seemed the opposite. I didn’t have time to waste. But as I bagged up a few gorgeous bell peppers, I caught sight of a bulb of fennel. I stood in […]

The Idea of Order

There’s always a right way to do things. That’s what They tell us anyway. There’s a right way to train for a marathon: one must recover, and do track workouts, tempo workouts and LSD, but not the good kind. Long Slow Distance. Everyone tells us this. Everyone. But then, I read about this guy. He’s […]