It’s a beautiful day. You went to bed late, because homework piled high on your desk and spilled onto the white shaggy rug your mom bought you for your birthday. Your alarm rang loud, “All About the Bass” shook you awake and you dashed to the shower. You worried about the pimple you could […]

Abstaining from Abstinence

I met a man recently who was kind and friendly and chatty. As we engaged in small talk, weirdly, pre-marital sex came up. My new friend went on to explain that the way women dressed these days is shameful and that they should save themselves for marriage. Now, I have been out in public in […]

On Modesty and Abstinence

Sunday morning. Coffee and sunshine and chatter. I tell┬ámy dearest about my friend, whose daughter was sent home from school for a dress code infraction. Her crime? Yoga pants. My indignation grows as I speak. How can they justify sending a kid home for yoga pants? First of all, that’s basically blaming the poor kid […]


When I started running, way back in ye olde days of 2010, I was dumb. I began running wearing those goofy toe-shoes, the Vibrams. I loved them, because they were NATURAL, and my stride was BEAUTIFUL, and all the mountain people from 2000 years ago did just fine running barefoot. I was like an ancestral […]