When It’s Time To Slow

It’s been wild at LuitHaus lately. School started, in staggering steps, for my three, all in different stages and with differing amounts of excitement and trepidation. We ended three years of homeschool with a mighty whimper, and we are happy to have to had that experience, and a little melancholy that they are gone, and […]

Saved by Faith

My friend Ed Cyzewski is a writer, and father, and a husband and a Christian. He’s had years of experience and study of both scripture, theology and humanity. I like Ed. He’s smart and compassionate and funny. Funny is always a plus. Ed has written a book, A Christian Survival Guide: A Lifeline to Faith […]

We’re not celebrities, or A Jumble of Thoughts on Suicide

For every celebrity suicide, there are hundreds more teenagers who just can’t take it anymore, whatever IT is. For every high profile funeral covered by the news there are multitudes of housewives who’ve wiped up too many spills, changed too many diapers, cried too many lonely tears in the bathroom, away from the confused eyes […]

Raise a Voice

Oprah would call it an “aha moment.” You know? Those three thrumming seconds when you figure out something sort of central to your being, all in a flash, lightning on a cloudless day. I was talking with a friend recently and I realized I have this habit, or this quirk, or this way of confronting […]