Barre3 and Me

As a monthly columnist for Tulsa Kids magazine, I’m always looking for story ideas that reflect Tulsa’s active community. I like to write about student athletes and parents staying fit. When the editor emailed me about a new Barre3 studio opening in Tulsa, I plie´d my way there. Look for that story in a month […]

You Find Me Offensive?

In A Thousand Splendid Suns, Khaled Hosseini begins with a sort of lushly sentimental tale that is just enough tinged around the edges that I am not completely surprised when the idyllic woodsy house where Mariam is raised gives way to war-torn homes in Kabul, Afghanistan. I wasn’t totally surprised at the tumult that ensued, […]

Word Made Flesh

When I return home, that place where I grew up and learned how to drive and how to pray and that King’s hot fudge pecan ice cream ball may not cure a broken heart but it sure can dull the ache for a while, I wear very special glasses. Anyone can have a pair of […]

Leaving Home

She left on the Fourth of July, with her dad, whose job it is to run the camp in Alabama that she’s attending. That’s right. On a national holiday, she packed her bags and rolled away from me. NBD. She’s fourteen. She’s living on a college campus. Her goalkeeping skills are being assessed at every […]

Anonymous Fear

I’ve been thinking about this topic for weeks now. Jennifer first brought it up and told me it was okay to share. I still don’t want to, but I want to. I am afraid of having friends. I am afraid that people don’t really like me. I am afraid that I fall too quickly into […]

Rules of the Cottage

When I was a kid, and my dad managed to get a weekend off from the pulpit, when my mom wasn’t traveling for work, or on the 4th of July (which just so happens to be my mom’s birthday), we went to Sugar Lake. We crammed ourselves and our luggage and our friends into Dad’s […]

Annonymous Fear: Sleep

credit: Alyssa Miller I’m in my thirties and I am afraid of going to bed. I fight sleep – I fight going to sleep – but it isn’t the sleep I fear. I’m afraid of going to bed, laying there in quiet, alone, vulnerable… Going to bed is a lonely act. No one else is […]