What Fear Does

I sit in my lounge chair, reading, thinking, watching. Always watching. My kids. Your kids. All the kids at the pool. We have lifeguards, good lifeguards, but still, I pay attention. I get nervous. Kids slip. They horse around. They make dumb decisions. And sometimes, accidents happen. The diving board and the slide are a […]

Friday Fiction: Hurricane

My friend and fantastic writer, Shawn Smucker, teased his adoring crowd this week by saying he planned to post a short story on his blog today. I plan to save his story for the end of my day, but he inspired me to do the same. Then, I went scouring my files for the story […]

When Fear Knocks

I wrote here about a time when fear, in all its true and visceral and heart racing madness visited me. And I remind myself often that this was minor, small and no big deal in comparison to what could have been, to what other people walk through every day. I have never been the mother […]