Reporting the Riot

Tulsa residents awoke on May 31, 1921 to the usual headlines: oil, crime, Memorial day celebrations. By midnight,Tulsa would be changed forever. The Tulsa World published three supplements on June 1, 1921, plus a morning edition. Riot reporting takes center stage for a few days and then, like all things, begins to be relegated to […]

Yes, All Women

Last week, Mark Cuban, the NBA owner I love to hate the most (and when I say I hate, I mean in the distanced from reality, hyperbolic way that doesn’t impugn my Christian character), said some stupid stuff. He’s been defended by men of every size and color. He’s been vilified by the same. I […]

When Christians Fail

We will return to AHDH Mondays next week. I’ve been encouraged by your private messages. Keep them coming. We sat together in her dorm room, an elegant cinder block boxes that represented the move from child to adult if adults live in barracks of youthful shenanigans. Her campus and mine were separated by a few […]

Girls Fall Through

She didn’t bounce off the walls. She didn’t act out. She didn’t do those things that kids with ADHD do. That contributed to my reluctance to believe she was or had ADHD. (That’s a story for another day: does she have ADHD? Is she ADHD? How do we describe these things without the extra weight […]

Toot Your Own Horn

When I left my house, I felt full of swagger. I had a carefully crafted and expertly worded packet of information. I had copies of my novel, SEVEN DAYS IN MAY. I wore my saucy cowboy boots. By the time I arrived in downtown Tulsa just 15 minutes later, I had begun to sweat through […]