Building UP

Welcome to this week’s installment on building confidence, which is a product of conversations with my friend G, the 14 year old soccer player. To begin his sermon on post-Easter living, our pastor defined PERSPECTIVE for us. He said that perspective was a way to view situations, mentally, spiritually, and of course, physically. Perspective is […]

Cultivating Isolation

For a while after her diagnosis, I was an old time television with a giant antenae. I was tuned in like some kind of manic, hyper vigilant alert system. I watched her. I watched everyone around her. And inside, part of my heart curled around itself, dying. I saw the way kids looked at her. […]

Words with Power

Another installment of a short series on confidence, written for my friend G, the stellar youth soccer player who asked me from whence confidence comes. Join us. *** Sometimes, we use words we think have the power to build up, when they actually have the power to confuse or tear down. “Be confident,” he hollers […]

Diagnosis: The Beginning

Apropos of nothing, a cat. Last week’s post on ADHD, and the first one here. I remember the day I finally went to see someone for help. I was 19, a college sophomore and slipping into the tangled soup of chronic depression. When I heard the doctor pronounce the words, something inside me shifted. Not […]

Is it Weakness

A weak spring sunrise struggles to bust through fat, fleshy buds on the strengthening limbs. Birds calls incessant, ravenous and ignorant. Mild lunches thrown into stuffed backpacks, so many feet shuffle and clomp out the door. The dishes wait under a leaky faucet, along with deadlines and phone calls and paperwork and promises. It is […]

You Don’t Have to Understand

Compassion doesn’t always come from knowledge. In a strange and irrelevant confluence of events, including cats and weird architecture from the 70s, our daughters are engaged in a war of the wills. It’s unclear at this point who will win, they are both extending their fiercest efforts. Yelling. Door slamming. Exaggerated sighing. Passive aggressive “kindness.” […]

Building the Wall of Confidence

We sat around a table at Panera, slurping soup at munching over-priced lettuce leaves. We had an hour before the next game in a soccer tournament. These things are never scheduled in any kind of convenient way. The girls had dropped the first game of three and were discouraged. G, my friend and a player […]

Another Brick in the Wall

Last week, I shared a bit at Deeper Story about just one of the many challenges of having a “different” child. I. Response to the many private conversations I’ve had since then, I’ll be using this space to address some other challenges, and some pure delights, in these goofy kids. If you have something you’d […]

When Your Child isn’t Perfect

When she was 18 months old, she knew the names of all the butterflies at the zoo exhibit and could enumerate the differences between a butterfly and a moth. At 2, I asked her to retrieve the state of Ohio from her puzzle map of the United States. She did. At 3, she lectured us […]

But Who is the Lion?

I have been meeting some of them best women Tulsa has to offer. Last week, I met 5 new friends at a fantastic lunch book club meeting downtown at the Summit Club, where I had the best burger I’ve ever had the privilege to taste,while gazing out at the snaking Arkansas River 32 stories below. […]