Monthly Archives: April 2014

Building UP 1

Welcome to this week’s installment on building confidence, which is a product of conversations with my friend G, the 14 year old soccer player. To begin his sermon on post-Easter living, our pastor defined PERSPECTIVE for us. He said that perspective was a way to view situations, mentally, spiritually, and […]

You Don’t Have to Understand

Compassion doesn’t always come from knowledge. In a strange and irrelevant confluence of events, including cats and weird architecture from the 70s, our daughters are engaged in a war of the wills. It’s unclear at this point who will win, they are both extending their fiercest efforts. Yelling. Door slamming. […]

Building the Wall of Confidence

We sat around a table at Panera, slurping soup at munching over-priced lettuce leaves. We had an hour before the next game in a soccer tournament. These things are never scheduled in any kind of convenient way. The girls had dropped the first game of three and were discouraged. G, […]