This is Church

Can you imagine it? The three-story stone behemoth of a church shoulders its presence over the small town intersection. It rises so high at the bell tower, shadows slink on the pavement below. But inside, the two dozen stained glass windows that flank the sanctuary spill candy-colored light onto the velvet pew cushions. Read the […]

Two Ways to Win

I admit I feel a bit like a Sweepstakes ┬áspokesperson typing that headline. “But, wait! There’s more!” I feel like I’m shouting. “Operators are standing by now!” Truth is, part of publishing is the actually selling of those precious words I so carefully culled, for you, just for you! And part of selling is making […]

The Community of Family

Like most families, ours is a busy one. We dash to school. We dash from school to a short snack at home and we dash again to practice or meetings or visits or homework. It seems like everything we do is being timed for some kind of busyness Olympics; I’m still at the back of […]

Laundry and Lent

I fold the towels the way I always do: in half lengthwise, twice, then in thirds, so that the folded edges stack pleasantly when stored in the linen closet. I like my towels layered in color coordinated columns, fluffy and scented and waiting to be used. I tell my family, however, that there is no […]

Red Boots and Broken Dreams

Expectations do one thing: set us up for disappointment. How many children pout under a Christmas tree strewn with the cast off remnants of prettily wrapped packages? I’ve been one of those children, surrounded by gifts in all shapes and sizes, but lacking that ONE thing I was sure I needed in order to continue […]

Quiet Discipline and a Hashtag

Christmas is great and all, but I’ve always been a sucker for the austerity of Lent. Christmas is lights and sounds and activity. Christmas is the crazy aunt who bustles in full of stories and steeped in rum cake. Christmas is great. If you like that kind of thing. But Lent is what’s left when […]

When is it Finished

I’ve been knitting this sweater. It’s beautiful, in that image, and I can imagine just how I will wear it, when it is finally done. And it will be done. I do not have that problem some knitters have, of starting a basket full of projects and forgetting about all of them. I am results […]