Is This It?

I remember walking back down the aisle as a newly minted Mrs. My young and handsome husband at my side. We walked into a small room and smiled like children at each other. “Is that it?” I said. “We’re married? All we did was stand there?” Then we laughed some more. We had prepared and […]

Inhabiting Fear

I did not know terror until May 10, 2013. On that day, I ran, as usual, under the highway, along the path and to the north. I had logged many miles on this route. I had seen homeless, and cyclists and kids fishing in the stream. I had seen shopping carts laden with people’s lives, […]

Seven Days and a Book Club

I’m furiously editing the book, emailing changes and ideas to the designer and just generally freaking out that my novel will be out in just a few days! Are you in a book club? Do you want to get your hands on some super fancy signed by me copies? Would you like to maybe have […]

Who Owns The Stories?

My friend Luke has been asking questions on his blog about the proprietary nature of personal narratives. He’s been thinking about how parents might use a story about their child to teach a broader point to their readers. A worthy question, and one I’ve been considering as I prepare to launch my novel. The story […]

What To Do When You Can’t See Spring

Most of us are in the cruel, cold grip of winter. Snow days stopped being fun a million years ago. We’re cooped up, dried out, and craving the warmth of spring. Or even just for our fingers to warm up enough to be somewhat useful. We have long gone from enjoying a cozy morning in […]

Mom’s Night Out Might Just Stay In

I was invited to an early screening of a movie being released on Mother’s Day weekend. My friends Melanie, Carisa and I settled into our seats with our swag bags with open minds. Until the dude said “this movie is faith-based” and has a nice but lighthearted message. I’m open to lighthearted messaged. I worry […]

Up To My Ears in Words

I’m awaiting the final edits in my novel, which I hope will be in your hands March 1. In the meantime, I’m mulling and stewing and brewing the two other stories I have been writing. And I’ve been reading. Why do we read? I suspect the answers are as varied as we are. We read […]

Why I Run: Marie’s Story

The (Not Always) Lazy W I run because it makes me a nicer person. It’s a wonderful investment in my personality. But that’s not how it started. Two summers ago I began a sloppy, embarrassing version of “running” thinking it would help me lose a little weight. I have been trying to “lose a little […]

Assume the Critique Position

  My novel Seven Days in May will be available in paperback and ebook on March 1. In the meantime, it is in the hands of a delicate and gentle friend who is combing the work for mistakes and confusing text and weird timeline glitches. Thank goodness for gentle friends who love us, eh? When […]

Refuse to Drown: A Review

Reading Refuse to Drown, by Tim Kreider’s and Shawn Smucker is to challenge the way one thinks about one’s promises to love without condition. Kreider and Smucker recount the days following a horrific crime, the stabbing death of three people in Manheim Township, PA. It soon came to light that Kreider’s teenaged son was responsible […]