At the Table

I was nervous, but I went anyway. I went without any makeup, in faded, old sweats, in runnings shoes, which I never wear unless I’m, you know, actually running. I had good, solid, viable reasons to excuse myself. I was tired. I didn’t feel like it. What if they didn’t like me. See? Good reasons. […]

Why I Run: Linda’s Story

My journey began about three years ago. I am not really sure what led me to think that I wanted to start running, I actually hated running! I was two years away from my 50th birthday and I had seen so many of my friends reach that milestone birthday with dread. I had decided that […]

Running As Sacred Act

  If it is true that every act is sacred, then running is my most perfect sacred act. Sometimes, running is my sacrifice, where I haul all my insecurities, inhibitions, pains and frustrations to the altar and leave them there.   Read the rest of this post at Anita Mathias’ place, where she is graciously […]

Open Wide the Gates

This post is from a writing prompt, which you can try and leave your own in the comments. Here is the prompt: the gate is open. What does that me a for your dream? When the gate is open, the dogs get out. When the gate is open, people can get in. But usually people […]

Why I Run: Ben’s Story

In 2006 I ran a 5k with my son, without any formal training.  I did it for my son’s school challenge because he wanted me to. I finished dead last in my age group, but I did it and that was it. I was happy to do it but as a runner I was pretty […]

Feed the Pain

She was having a bad game in goal. I was having a bad day in general. I sat huddled in the stands with my friend in her giant bedspread, a worthy opponent to the Oklahoma winter wind. My daughter had been asked to fill in for a goal keeper, and getting her there required a […]

Telling Tulsa’s Story

A young African American man stepped onto an elevator on May 31, 1921. Dick Rowland, likely on a break from his shoe shine job, had planned to use the restroom on the fourth floor of the Drexel Building. He and his colleagues had restricted access to public facilities; this was the one they were permitted […]

Dangerous and Beautiful

Keep going when it feels dangerous, rocky, scary.   I was thinking of this statement as I hauled load after load of firewood into my house on Monday. Like the slippery flash of hope, this red berry winked at me from its house among the icicles clinging to the ivy. On Monday, I compared finding […]

Why I Run: Anita’s Story

  When One Simple Change can Shift your Life   Michael Hyatt urges his readers to run a half-Marathon. He says, “Just by beginning, you will feel your life begin to shift.” “Things shifting”–I heard that phrase a lot in Charismatic circles, things shifting in heavenly realms, due to our prayers or God’s sovereign will, a […]

Finding the Why Part 2

They say: “I lost 100 pounds in 6 months!” They say: “What will you gain when you lose?” They say: “Resolve now.” They say: join the gym, lose the weight, eat this product, don’t eat that product. What they mean to say is: You are not what you need to be. What they mean is: […]