Birds and Bees

I was minding my own business, staring out into the winter dusk and sewing Christmas jammies for my little tiny children, when I heard the doorbell. At the door, stood a tall young man with a deeply adolescent voice and a driver’s license. In his hand he held birthday gifts for our daughter, who had […]

“Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby”

I texted my friend: I’m thinking about sexual purity and bodily agency and what do I talk to my daughters about? She replied: I was just about to text you. So many issues arose and this parenting teenagers is so damn hard.” We had a short conversation about how the kids were doing and we […]

Spiced Pecans and a Copper Bottom Pan

My grandma Sara Jane preferred to be called Sally. She always brought cold celery sticks in glass gars of water to our house for every gathering. She said she was allergic to garlic until one day in her oldest years she declared her enduring love for garlic. She was a fantastic cook. This recipe is […]

Recipe for Nostalgia

Holidays. The two sided coin of family joy and pain all wrapped up in one wild package of food, memories and (dys)function. Combine all the normal chaos of the holidays, add together a generous splash of high expectations and a side of nostalgia and you can bake up a piping hot anxiety soufflĂ©. I am […]