I am From

Today’s post was inspired by Idelette and her fantastic crew over at SheLoves Magazine. I don’t read those women often enough but they are earth movers and heart shakers. Thanks to them for this fun synchroblog. Share yours. (PS: you don’t even have to use the template, if you don’t wanna.) (PPS: I can’t figure […]

Reading Southern

The books. The books I read when I was pregnant with all three of my babies told me: breastfeed*, trust yourself, and read to your babies. Those are still my top three bits of advice for expectant parents. Books are integral around these here parts. When my kids get excited about “library day” at school, […]

I’m a Mom; I Have Depression, by Anonymous

Realizing you are one of ‘those people’ who has depression is a lonely place. It’s an overwhelming awful made even more appalling because I have children. If it were just me affected, it wouldn’t really matter. But I have children and for them to have a reactive shell of a mother is not fair. They […]

Breaking the Fast

Typically, when people fast, the point is to step away from something that confounds or confuses the here and the now. For instance, when someone fasts for a day, she does so to remind herself that even things we need can get in the way of our relationships, our focus, our true needs. Food is […]

Feminism Then and Now

I am a girl, I can be anything. I am a girl, just as good as a boy. I am a girl, it doesn’t hold me back. I am a girl, my options are not limited. I am a girl, I am taught to have opinions and speak my mind. I am a girl, I […]

I Never Planned on Marrying a Child Molester

  When I stood at the altar, dressed for the first and only time in bridal whites and took his hand and read the vows we had both written; when I was twenty-two and my hair wreathed with perfect flowers and my hands both wound in his and bound with silky white wedding rope; when […]