Badly Cracked by Anonymous

I have lived much of my adult life as a badly broken person. I wish I could lay responsibility for this on something tangible like a bad childhood or abuse so that I could confront my demons and slay them once and for all. But, my demons aren’t so easy to confront. They scream at […]

Musings over a body

lying naked before their gaze their eyes spinning over her body erasing any imperfection pencil in curves, smudge shadows tweak every bit they wish she watches boldly as perversions begin to show he adds a scene around her body eyes glaze over her confidence charcoal disguises her modesty he has a way of breaking that […]

Blue Carpet Floor by Anonymous

I wish I didn’t hear this story as often as I have, but I do so appreciate the honesty and the uniqueness of each one. And the way our writer pushes back. Those who are closest to me already know my story, but they don’t know it the way I am about to tell it. […]

She’s 15 by Anonymous

This post raises questions for me as a mom. As a former 15 year old. What if she chooses not to wait? She’s 15 And I’m a pastor. What does a pastor do with a 15-year-old girl who now has a boyfriend? I invite him over frequently so as to keep an eye on them.  […]