Monthly Archives: June 2013

It Should Have Been a Pleasant Task, By: Anonymous 6

Oh, my heart. When I read these submissions, I am never ready. I am never ready for the rawness, and the glaring cruelty of humanity or the tender precision of love. I wonder if the writers have some kind of catharsis, or if they feel unencumbered, throwing their “if only […]

I Want to Unbelieve (by: Anonymous) 3

What if everything you every believed fought with everything you perceive? What if your value system was turned on its head? What I love about this series, which this piece highlights so well, is that the writer does not want platitudes. The writer will not be content with the simple, […]

What It’s Like to be Me ( by: Anonymous) 6

Friends, we’ve read some remarkably frank words in The Anonymous Project. Today, I want to say thank you to everyone who has shared their lives, and trusted us with their very selves. Be encouraged by the starkness of the human condition, because here we see pain exists alongside beauty.   […]