She Cried When She Woke Alive, by: Anonymous

The third post in The Anonymous Project is long, and it is challenging. Triggers include suicide and depression. Please be respectful of our participants and use common sense in your responses. Thank you. She played with the bus fare waiting with the herd of people for the 5:15pm bus home. Looking around she noticed them […]

My Heart

The Anonymous Project continues. I’m humbled by the depth ya’ll are plumbing. I was reared a white southern male and everything that comes with it. Things like, we are the only ones in the world and we live our lives and you leave us alone. We was/are very poor but I had expiations that I […]

The Wedding Witches

I knew I had learned a secret to a long and satisfying life when I upset The Wedding Witches. Even more, I knew it was my soon-to-be husband who was responsible for teaching me the lesson. The Wedding Witches were unimpressed with my bridal party. To call them a bridal party is perhaps to overstate […]

Anonymous: Age Four

This is the first installment of The Anonymous Project. Wow. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. What do you no longer fear? A little girl locked out. Sitting on the step outside the back door, wishing she was brave enough to just run away, but deciding that the light shining out the door […]

All They Want

The timer beeps. I press the plunger down, and I take time to choose my mug. Today, the Emily Dickinson quote. I pour out a full cup and stand over the fragrant steam, inhaling peace and promise. Sitting at the end of the kitchen table, I can see the riotous green through the long and […]

How Anonymous IS Anonymous

Since announcing The Anonymous Project, I’ve answered a lot of questions about the anonymity of anonymous. I can reassure hopeful participants via personal emails, but I wanted to make a more public record of how I’m structuring the process, so that readers and writers alike can be sure of the anonymity. (Wracking my brain right […]

The Anonymous Project

photo: gnuckx Have you ever had a story that was so good, and you were desperate to tell it to someone, anyone, but you couldn’t tell it? Editor’s Note: This post ran on May 6, 2013 and was editing on September 7, 2013.  Maybe it cast a family member—or you—in a bad light. Maybe it’s […]

Fallow Fields, Winnowing Piles

credit: Pam’s Pics There are piles everyone around me. Piles of clean laundry. Piles of dirty. Piles of dishes waiting to be washed, or put away. Piles of papers from piles of children. Piles of bills and notices and reminders and piles of reading. I’ve got piles of notes on a new project I can’t […]