Don’t Tell Me What I Know

My friend called me. He had messed up. He knew he had messed up, and he needed a friend. He called me because I have made a few mistakes in my time, and he suspected I might have the right kind of ear for this particular woe. Anyone who is over the age of 5, […]

Intently Ignoring

A million years ago, my friend told me that when her closets were in order, she felt like the rest of her life was in order. I rolled my eyes. I can’t help it; it’s my default setting. She continued, though, with her wacky theory. She said that when there was chaos in her closets, […]

Fiction Friday

I’m thinking I like Elora’s idea of posting from her work in process. It’s fun and it will keep me sharp. I do so love my friends at CCC, and you might try your hand, too. This was yesterday’s submission. Esme doesn’t know. She doesn’t know from whence she came. And I can’t tell her. […]