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Treasure Under Our Noses 2

Please welcome my dear friend Dulce Chale for this week’s Lenten Reflection. What a marvel this woman is. Back in my smug adolescence, I had a rather indulgent attitude toward the 23rd Psalm. Sure, it was a favorite of grannies everywhere, but it just seemed so obvious, you know? I […]

Lentish With Jessica Bowman 8

I have an evangelical confession to make. I’m not proud of it, and yet in another, probably less mature way, I sort of am, also. I’ve never observed Lent. Ever. There, I said it. Now, in my defense, my Southern Baptist upbringing is mostly to blame. The land of “saved […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Weight 21

Sophomore year in high school, I ate a Suzy Q and a Diet Coke for lunch nearly every day. Then my mother and I started going to Weight Watchers, where I learned to pack a lunch and drink sugarless drinks, like boring iced tea, which everyone knows is an Old […]

People Get Ready 4

Lent begins this week. Surprised, aren’t you? I am. The calendar creeps. Before we kick off the Lenten Reflections series on Wednesday, I wanted to share a little bit about what Lent is and why it’s important. So get out your paper and your pencils. It’s class time. Lent is […]

Lenten Reflections 12

photo credit: anaivette   I don’t talk that much about Lent, for one of two reasons, and a third, extra spiritual bonus reason. If I do share about how I plan to practice, experience, or engage with my faith during Lent, I’m invariably asked if I’m Catholic. No. I’m not […]