Good, Bad and Food

I have resolved to eat less sugar, since it is, as I shared on Tuesday, a huge comfort to me, just to have around. It occurred to me rather painfully that my reliance on sugar’s presence in my house was kind of weird. I knew it had become a behemoth, a delicious and chocolate covered […]

Treasure Under Our Noses

Please welcome my dear friend Dulce Chale for this week’s Lenten Reflection. What a marvel this woman is. Back in my smug adolescence, I had a rather indulgent attitude toward the 23rd Psalm. Sure, it was a favorite of grannies everywhere, but it just seemed so obvious, you know? I wanted to dig out some […]

Shame, Part Deux

It is one thing to acknowledge that we have issues with our bodies and our diets. We can agree with a meaningful nod that, “Oh, yes, I hate that, too,” and feel warmth and comfort in the bosom of our other fat (or thin)-shamed friends. Things get a little dicey when we start talking about […]

Shame Game

I tweeted: working on a post about weight and shame. Got any thoughts? It did not take long for the responses to start flying through, and man, they were tough, and honest and real. And then I deleted everything I had written and started from scratch. A guy said: “I feel shame and then I […]

The I Love You Circle

It’s my turn in the batter’s box at Deeper Family. Here’s a brief excerpt, and you can read the rest over here. Happy Thursday! The text said: “Went to ER last night. Thought I was having a stroke. I’m home now.” She might as well have been reporting the deal she got on strawberries down […]

Lentish With Jessica Bowman

I have an evangelical confession to make. I’m not proud of it, and yet in another, probably less mature way, I sort of am, also. I’ve never observed Lent. Ever. There, I said it. Now, in my defense, my Southern Baptist upbringing is mostly to blame. The land of “saved by grace and not by […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Weight

Sophomore year in high school, I ate a Suzy Q and a Diet Coke for lunch nearly every day. Then my mother and I started going to Weight Watchers, where I learned to pack a lunch and drink sugarless drinks, like boring iced tea, which everyone knows is an Old People Beverage. (I’m surprised WW […]

Esther, Jesus and Speaking Up

Welcome to the first in a weekly Lenten series of reflections from some of my favorite writer women. They were asked to choose a passage of Scripture and, well, um, reflect. Join us every Wednesday between now and Easter and get your Lent on. Up first, my darling friend and talented writer, Andi Cumbo.  Don’t […]

People Get Ready

Lent begins this week. Surprised, aren’t you? I am. The calendar creeps. Before we kick off the Lenten Reflections series on Wednesday, I wanted to share a little bit about what Lent is and why it’s important. So get out your paper and your pencils. It’s class time. Lent is the forty days preceding Easter […]

Lenten Reflections

photo credit: anaivette   I don’t talk that much about Lent, for one of two reasons, and a third, extra spiritual bonus reason. If I do share about how I plan to practice, experience, or engage with my faith during Lent, I’m invariably asked if I’m Catholic. No. I’m not Catholic. And I don’t think […]