Monthly Archives: January 2013

What I’m In To; Or How I Caved to Peer Pressure 4

In an ongoing effort to put off the increasingly aggressive hands of time, and to try to convince myself of my hipness and persistent joie de vivre, I have caved to Leigh Kramer. Leigh, of the end of month What I’m In To posts that are pure delight. She says […]

A Mantle of Worry; or My Mother is a Jedi 4

I wake when the silence presses. No birds call, no cars roar, no leaves brush the screen on the window. I wake when the darkness seems hollow; neither the calmness of a sleeping house nor the early jangle of a family wiping sleep from the corners of half-closed eyes. I […]

Like Ross and Rachel 10

We’re on a break, running and me. I wish I could say I agreed to the break, that it was mutual and amicable and responsible. I wish I could say we need our space to figure out where we’re headed. That I am the patient, soulful, growth-seeking adult I imagine […]

A Clanging Gong 4

I can’t take it. In recent weeks, I’ve read pieces on women in the church, women and their reproductive rights, women being trafficked for male profit. I’ve read articles, books and blog posts about how Christian relationships are supposed to be, how Christian women are supposed to act, and how […]

Don’t Carry It All 6

The invitation flickered through on Facebook when I was half through a six day stretch of single parenting. I was tempted to reject the spontaneous and kind offer of friendship out of hand. I’m busy, I reasoned. The list of To Dos won’t Do itself. I teetered on the brink […]

Understanding Her Thirst

Today I’m over at Deeper Family, talking about how I learned what it feels like to be a man. Yup. Here’s an excerpt. Women, generally—and I generally avoid generalizations, so you’ll grant me this one—confront problems with words. Many, many words. Words upon words until barrels are full of the […]

Faith Like a Child 4

I’m not sure what he was talking about. He was preaching a sermon on Installation Sunday, when the new elders and deacons were sworn in, as it were. The pastor wanted to mark the occasion with a lesson in leadership. The kind of leadership that serves. But I was distracted. […]