Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Trap 1

It’s sweet, as traps tend to be. It looks like a luxurious Saturday morning, full of promise and rest and only what I want to do. This is why it’s a trap, you see. My trap looks like my big blue chair; the table nearby holding my coffee and my […]

A Little Different

All week, I’ve been sharing a little bit about my awesome friends who are wicked smaht and write pretty. Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was asked to read “The Rules,” for whatever reason I cannot begin to recall, I nearly gagged. Written by two women in […]

Better than Fantasy: God’s Whisper 2

I gave up on fairy tales a long time ago, for a list of cynical and feminist reasons. The plain fact that most heroines had absentee parents, talked to animals and wore foo foo dresses all the time was not something for which I would suspend my disbelief. Also, the […]

Why I Run: Janice’s Story

I love this woman! I met Janice after she completed the Tulsa Run (a 15k tradition in Tulsa). She is spunky and funny and I can’t imagine her in any way other than setting awesome goals and kicking them in the teeth. I’m pleased as punch to know her. Two […]