What Does Christmas Feel Like?

“It doesn’t feel like Christmas.” If I could count high enough, I would know how often she has said this in the last three weeks. She is restless and pacing. She throws on shorts to walk the dogs, grumbling that there is no snow. She checks the weather, willing the temperatures to drop, for snow […]

The Trap

It’s sweet, as traps tend to be. It looks like a luxurious Saturday morning, full of promise and rest and only what I want to do. This is why it’s a trap, you see. My trap looks like my big blue chair; the table nearby holding my coffee and my knitting, the matching ottoman keeps […]

The Touch

He appeared on the edges of dawn, quiet and expectant. He is like the sunrise; he tips toward wakefulness until suddenly you realize he is awake and alive and thrumming, full bore like the morning sun, burning off the clouds of his sleep. “Mama, can we snuggle?” I moved over, making room and giving quiet […]

A Little Different

All week, I’ve been sharing a little bit about my awesome friends who are wicked smaht and write pretty. Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was asked to read “The Rules,” for whatever reason I cannot begin to recall, I nearly gagged. Written by two women in the late nineties (maybe, I’m […]

Better than Fantasy: God’s Whisper

I gave up on fairy tales a long time ago, for a list of cynical and feminist reasons. The plain fact that most heroines had absentee parents, talked to animals and wore foo foo dresses all the time was not something for which I would suspend my disbelief. Also, the prince doesn’t always arrive, and […]

Life as Prayer

My daughters were itty bitty, maybe three and one. They had just begun learning the joys of side-by-side play. I listened to their voices rising and falling, babbling brooks of imagination, while I prepared dinner in the kitchen. Anyone with little ones knows that these are long days, filled with a million small tasks that […]

Permission to Create

This week, I’m sharing about books being released by smart, faithful, thoughtful friends. Yesterday, we had an excerpt from How to Use a Runaway Truck Ramp. Today, a little bit about creativity. The group of third graders entered the building in normal third grader fashion; shoulders shoving and tongues flapping. Girls and boys bobbed like […]

On the Road with The Smuckers

The following is an excerpt of the book How To Use a Runaway Truck Ramp, by my delightful friends, Shawn and Maile Smucker. The family of 6 packed up their world and embarked on a cross country trip on a big old tour bus. My family was fortunate to spend a few fun hours with […]

Always Surprises

We drove east on 412 out of the city, leaving behind the orange barrels, the smart boards in the classroom, the noise and clamor of a high school hallway. Our cell service became spotty, and the AM radio station to which I am devoted turned to static. A stream of busses and cars wound our […]

Why I Run: Janice’s Story

I love this woman! I met Janice after she completed the Tulsa Run (a 15k tradition in Tulsa). She is spunky and funny and I can’t imagine her in any way other than setting awesome goals and kicking them in the teeth. I’m pleased as punch to know her. Two years ago at the age […]