Friday Free

The BOLD words are from the list at Creative Copy Challenge because I needed to get my write on. Give it a go. Dr. Babs arrived early, carrying a zebra print satchel stuffed with syringes. She flipped her hair behind her bare shoulder, a blonde cascade that tumbled across her back. She set out her […]

Hike with Me. Really.

The guides for our hike in the Alps next summer sent this tempting as all get out description of the trip. Need to know who wants more info, who wants to chat, and who is in. LMK. Hike with Me: A Women’s Trek around the Mont Blanc Day 1- Sunday June 9th, 2013 You will […]

Why I Run: Hilary’s Story

I cannot say enough about Hilary. I met her during her high school years, when my husband was her teacher. She babysat our little ones, and I grew to love her beauty and joy and sense of humor. she is all that is good and light. I follow her journey to the Ironman, and I […]

Being Human

He is charming and kind. He laughs easily and gives openly. He has collected friends like seashells. He makes room in his world for their mess. And  they are messy. They have divorces and children with illness. They are selfish—at times.  They want more without giving—sometimes. His friends sometimes say the wrong things or make […]

Like This If

Insert cute/funny/controversial photo here Like this if: if you want to end childhood cancer if you love your dad If you think Jesus is just alright If you like babies If you think sunshine is pretty If you put milk in your cereal If you disapprove of Hurricane Sandy If you wear pants, on your […]

Seven Days in May

The longer I live here, in Tulsa, the more value I find in this weird little town. It is not your average city, but you have to kind of scratch its underbelly to see the funky, to notice the expanse of American history intersecting here like so many patches of unused highway. I’m posting an […]