The Wreath

Our fingers flew over the green styrofoam circle. She stood over the table, while I sat, snipping more artificial greenery. She plunged one cluster after another into the foam. As we worked, she talked. “How many of these have you made? Did you make the first one with Grandma? We won’t have enough picks. Do […]

Do Over

I remember playing more than a fair amount of front yard games growing up. We liked kickball and lazy man’s softball, dodgeball or fox and the [something something I can’t remember now]? We took our games seriously, and we played for keeps. Most of our games had a sort of Lord of the Flies, winner […]

The Next Big Thing

My friend Mitchell Allen invited me to participate in the writer’s meme, The Next Big Thing. You’ll remember I did something similar with the manuscript for my novel Seven Days in May, which is currently in the hands of people who know stuff and make decisions about stuff like what gets published. So. At the […]

Why I Run: Slenderella’s Story

You guys. This is a longer post than usual, but I want you to spend some time with it. Laura aka Slenderella tells a tale that will resonate with many of us. We can run toward something or away from something. Which one are you doing? The usual fairy tale starts with “Once Upon A […]

Diagnosis: Knee-Jerk Syndrome

Knee Jerk Syndrome is common in humans worldwide, but we see an uptick in North American cases about every four years. Symptoms seem to have a direct relationship with the presence of red, white and blue yard signs, polling phone calls and incendiary political social media postings. Symptoms include high blood pressure, spontaneous religious or […]

Sideline Lessons

Soccer parents, probably like swim or football or baseball or volleyball parents, spend plenty of time on the sidelines. When my kids were younger, and keeping score was an afterthought, when trophies meant nothing more than that this team had existed, sidelines saved my sanity. On the sidelines, I learned that I was not the […]

Deeper Families: Are We Our Mothers?

Today, I’m writing over at Deeper Family about how I discovered my daughter, my mother and I are more alike than I imagined. An Excerpt: I lay in bed waiting for the heater to kick on. The alarm had sounded, once, twice, three times before I finally convinced myself the sound was not in my […]


My sister loves me. When I reminded her that I am running the Route 66 Marathon on Sunday, she sent me these photos, with these captions. These days, when I run a longer distance race, I get all sentimental about the early days. Each mile was a success. I celebrated each run. I felt profoundly […]

One Lousy Minute?

We dipped down the dark highway, she picked at her cleats, and fixed up her hair. She rubbed her muscles and checked her gear. I listened. “Lincoln,” the movie, is arriving in theaters, the honey-toned voice of Scott Simon told me. Then he introduced the story on American composer John Williams, who wrote the soundtrack […]

Inconvenient Stories

I fought the steering wheel against the brazen wind. Gusts bent trees nearly into praying postures. My skin stung with the remnants of the breeze from the wide open plain of the soccer pitch. My phone had died, leaving me to navigate from memory our way back to the hotel, which was somewhere off I-40 […]