Third Time Charms

The following is an excerpt from my book, Run With Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of Poo. I got all misty eyed thinking about my book and my running “career” this past Saturday, when I ran this race for the third time. This time, I ran with two of my favorite people who […]

Of Sandboxes and Book Clubs

I was anxious. The first day of kindergarten loomed. My parents had decided to send me to a Spanish immersion school in Rochester, New York. Weirder still, they planned to send me to school in a taxi! I did not want to go to kindergarten. I did not want to learn Spanish. I did not […]

The First 30 Things

I borrowed this idea from my new friend Elora, who writes a fantastic blog and whose novel Come Alive is in my queue. The reason I haven’t read Elora’s work is because I’m reading, or about to begin reading, Chains, by Laurie Halse Anderson, because I promised my daughter. So that we can talk about […]

Hike With Me, Yo

I tried to get all fancy on Google Earth. I was hoping to make a video tour of all of the great locations we would visit. But two things happened. Since I do not speak French (other than pretend French that I use to torment my French best friend) I could not be super sure […]

Why I Run: Jon’s Story

Man, I love this story. Jon really crushed his marathon, telling me he was able to sprint to the finish line. WTG, Jon. Before I started running, I was convinced that my runner friends and I were completely different. One night, we had dinner with a couple of friends. He was a runner, she was […]

Why I Run: Joe’s Story

I was attending a party at the end of my 8th grade year by the lake. Bound by the nervous energy of friendships, hormonally-charged social mores and constructs, I hit a boiling point and took off running. In no particular direction. No coach told me to go. No P.E. teacher told me to go. No […]

Just, Should and Enough

On Friday, at the beginning of the retreat I attended in Austin, the room of women looked like Facebook in situ. We brought our best selves to this group of relative strangers and held our breath. We presented our best possible images, hoping. Hoping to feel accepted, to find that calm in the center of […]

Hike with Me: Power of Poo in the Alps

My lovelies: You (women, ladies, gals, chicks, girls, skirts, broads)* are cordially invited to join me and my experienced guide friends on an Alpine hiking adventure. Hike With Me: A Women’s Hike on the Tour de Mont Blanc Please come with me to Switzerland for 8 days in June, 2013. We will stay in fancy […]

This Sacred Space

The temple was a poor simulacrum: a drab, putty colored standard hotel meeting room. Thin walls were decorated with the slicing grooves of the dividing elements that could partition the room from one to two. Round tables draped with the easy to wash silkiness of polyester filled the low-ceilinged space on the ground floor. No […]