Truth in the Dirt

We flew toward the pulsing skyline of Chicago, which danced in the distance like a giant, realized dream. Voices spun stories. We talked about how we approached the page, how book proposals were stupid and how guidelines can be so crippling. We laughed about the Oklahoma bumpkins gazing up at the big city lights of […]

Hard and Painful and Lovely

The man who took the stage, from my seat in the auditorium, resembled one of many hip, young whippersnappers populating the building. His ballcap sat at a jaunty angle, though I’m sure “jaunty angle” is a term Hemingway and Fitzgerald would use to the delight and derision of the hipster crowd. His skinny jeans sagged […]

UR Stronger Than You Think

My friend Jess posted a link and a rave about her new running shorts. We, her more curvy friends, jumped into the conversation with our skepticism. We said, no way do they fit women with legs that are bigger around than a bean pole. We said, it’s not possible for a short to provide both […]

The Voices, or Finding Your People

There are the voices. Ian Morgan Cron: “from one artist to another.” Isaac Rentz: “I’m agnostic when it comes to art.” Anne Lamott: “The voices in your head are of the wounded, raging ego.” Bob Goff: “You aren’t as creative as him. You are as creative as you.” Phil Vischer: “It’s not One Big Thing.” […]

Why I Run: Brenna Kate’s Story

People ask me why I run. Especially since I started doing half marathons. After all, they reason, who in her right mind would choose to run 13.1 miles straight? My answer is simple. I run because I can. I started running because my doc said in 2003 it would help my IBS & depression. That […]

We Will Rise

On August 16, our daughter’s number on the high school waiting list opened. On August 17, she began attending Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences as a freshman. On September 5, the school building was in flames, and we were riveted to the TV as we saw it burn. My experience with the school and […]

New Tricks from Old Dogs

The path twists through a length of trees, bypassing major roads where cars rush by far too quickly. I can see them zipping along, but I can’t hear them, thanks to my headphones, (do we call those earbuds these days?). ┬áThe wind shuffled the leaves, cooled my sweaty brow. Ahh. What a lovely day for […]

At the Corner of Faith and Politics

Photo credit: Library of Congress When it comes to faith and politics I like to carry my cynicism in one hand and my redemptive worldview in the other, sort of a six in one bucket, half dozen in the other kind of thing. The half dozen bucket is full of faith. Faith in a power […]

Cursing the Wind

I’m training for my second marathon. I made the decision at the finish line of my first one, in Pittsburgh in May. I was satisfied overall with my time and experience, but I knew I wanted to see if I could be faster, train smarter, try again. I wanted another chance at the experience that […]

Faith and Feminism: Perfect Companions

For as long as I can remember, women have held a position of high responsibility and power. And for as long as I can remember, faith and its many iterations has been a present and equally powerful force. The two are intertwined in a way that I assumed we the people could plainly see. I […]