Deny the Lie

I can still hear the words as if they were just spoken. “You’re a whale,” he said. A precision weapon, his words made a direct hit. I was maybe 10. I had already begun to feel the weight of my athletic thighs like jiggly sacks of shame. And I was not fat. I was not […]

Tasting the Sweet and the Bitter

A funny thing happened to me. I wasn’t looking for it, so when it happened, the floor fell out from under me, like those amusement park rides that spin until you’re stuck to the side thanks to centripetal  and  or centrifugal force or just some kind of crazy juju magic and a fear that makes one […]

Why I Run: Ryan’s Story

Ryan is a super encouraging twitter friend of mine. I was so proud for him when he finished the OKC Memorial marathon. He picked a great race to run. It’s hard to be so in your head when running next to bombing survivors. I really like Ryan; he is genuine and honest. I love his […]

Imago Dei

Those pod laundry things are crazy weird. My kids are fascinated by them. To me, they feel like a seriously blistered toe, but much better smelling. They seem to do the trick, and if it makes a child want to do laundry, I am so in. My mother treated me to some new shoes! Thanks, […]

Quick to Listen

I love me my twitter and Facebook. I like being able to reconnect with old friends and to forge new and very real relationships with fascinating people. I have met and had enlightening dialogue with runners, Christians, Atheists, lovers, fighters, readers, writers, thinkers, talkers. I have been prompted to laugh and, sometimes, to cry, by […]