Monthly Archives: August 2012

Doing Dialogue 10

Election season gives us no shortage of opportunities to bite our tongues or lash our neighbors with them. We are a contentious people who cling tightly to our opinions as though we might have carried them down the mountain, after having watched a flaming heavenly finger carve them into stone. […]

Doing the Hard Stuff 6

My son sits across the dining room table, making wookie noises of distaste and frustration. I’m not trying to get him to eat his veggies; I’m asking him to write. Three little sentences about the book he is reading in Luitschool. He holds an orange flair pen and writes with […]

Not Like the Other 2

Yesterday, I posted a tempered rant about the legitimate rape discourse, taking up for the victims of rape who, in my way of thinking, have been further brutalized by uneducated comments from a man who should have thought before he opened his public mouth. I waited to hear from a […]

Suffragette City 11

She said he put something in her drink. That she said no. That they were dating, though, so it was her fault. When she told her parents, they shamed her for losing her virginity. She was walking home from a night class. He followed her, attacked her on campus. She […]

A Tale of Two Sidewalks; Or What My Teenager Taught Me About Faith 2

As I run north toward home at the end of my miles, I have to choose. The sidewalk on the east side of the boulevard offers leafy shade, an extra lift to get me home. On those blistering summer days when the heat leaks into my head, throbs against my […]