The Songs of Youth

I arrived a little early for Back to School night, so I drove around the block, looking at the small homes nestled in the wooded neighborhood of old Tulsa. My sports radio shows had long since gone off the air, so I listened as a woman shared a story as part of an NPR series […]

Doing Dialogue

Election season gives us no shortage of opportunities to bite our tongues or lash our neighbors with them. We are a contentious people who cling tightly to our opinions as though we might have carried them down the mountain, after having watched a flaming heavenly finger carve them into stone. It doesn’t even have to […]

MIY Boggle

I usually save my craft posts for my column at Prime Parent’s Club. But you people! You worm your way into my thoughts and I want to make the people happy. After posting this on Instagram, and after a request from someone there, and after having so much fun at the dinner table coming up […]

Hazarding Branson

The author and all around great guy, Ed Cyzewski, has published with his co-author a new book called Hazardous: Committing to the Cost of Following Jesus. Can we get a WOOT WOOT for Ed and Derek. *WOOT WOOT* Ed’s publication celebration includes asking his friends and colleagues to share our stories of living out faith, […]

Doing the Hard Stuff

My son sits across the dining room table, making wookie noises of distaste and frustration. I’m not trying to get him to eat his veggies; I’m asking him to write. Three little sentences about the book he is reading in Luitschool. He holds an orange flair pen and writes with the wobbly letters of a […]

Not Like the Other

Yesterday, I posted a tempered rant about the legitimate rape discourse, taking up for the victims of rape who, in my way of thinking, have been further brutalized by uneducated comments from a man who should have thought before he opened his public mouth. I waited to hear from a few friends, knowing they would […]

Suffragette City

She said he put something in her drink. That she said no. That they were dating, though, so it was her fault. When she told her parents, they shamed her for losing her virginity. She was walking home from a night class. He followed her, attacked her on campus. She never reported it. It was […]

Epiphany of Ritual

Thank you to my friend Pilar Arsenec for visiting the blog today. My morning ritual begins with a standoff… Me and the dreaded alarm clock. The clock usually wins. Defeated… I finally peel myself off the bed and head to the kitchen I say good morning to Mr. Coffee. He’s annoyingly in a good mood […]

Walk Away Walk Away

Every time I hear the word follow, every single time, I think of my 16 year old self, getting ready for Club, and then I think about Bono. Yeah, that Bono; the dude with the shades from U2. I hear him making his fervent pronouncement, “I will…follow!” at the end of the song of the […]