When the Ogre Takes Over

Yesterday’s gone. Yesterday was decidedly NOT fun. A series of unfortunate and insignificant monkey wrenches conspired to land me in bed, in my jammies for the better part of the day. Sadly, this was not languorous luxury. It was “the funk,” as we called it as summer camp. Normally, I am a fan of funk. […]

Practice Makes…Harder?

I am, according to my training bible, Marathoning for Mortals, a bona fide LONG DISTANCE ATHLETE. I’ll pause here a minute to let you take in the full glory of that. OK? Sufficiently impressed? I’m sure. I was recently disabused of a long-held notion, one that I told myself as I struggled through linear equations […]

Why I Run: Cristina’s Story

I “met” Cristina via twitter, and I loved her perspective and her ebullience. I hope you’ll enjoy her story. If you’re here for the first time, perhaps because you know Cristina, I’d love to share your story, too. Just click on the link above, “Why I Run,” to learn the details. Happy Running! I have […]

New Traditions

My mom’s birthday is on the fourth of July. As a kid, I thought all the fireworks that exploded over the hill in my grandparents’ backyard was the small town way of celebrating. Mom’s large Irish family filled the yard, the house, even the garage. More food than was reasonable was set out on long […]