Why I Run: The Dog’s Story

One thing my 14 year-old and I have in common is our love of playing words. Where we differ is subject matter. Her head is filled with T.A.R.D.I.S travel and Sherlock’s latest escapades. She has a place in her heart for Loki, whom she says is misunderstood. We do not always speak—or write—the same language, […]

Not Ready Yet

It is as hard to explain how hot 106 degrees is as it is to explain string theory. From my perch on the chaise at the neighborhood pool, the air rippling with soul cracking heat, the Sunday evening had a distinctly end of summer feel. People crowded into the deep end, kids playing an endless […]

Compassion is my Life Jacket

I wasn’t going to join Sarah Bessey’s synchroblog about What’s Saving you Now, because my husband is traveling. When my husband is traveling, I am in survival mode: fish sticks and cereal on the menu, too much tv, short trips to keep the youngest one from turning the living room into a giant bounce house. […]

Turning Work to Play

Play = picking Einstein’s Nose She filled the classroom with bright colors, large-lettered signs and stations stocked to the teeth with fat pencils, smelly markers and paper. She walked the parents through a day in the life of the kindergartener. I was captivated by the scissors and the pointer and the birthday hat. I wanted […]

Why I Run: Kevin’s Story

Meet Kevin. Bethany hooked us up so he can share his story with us. If you want to tell your Why I Run, click the link above. We’d love to have you. Yes, really. You. I obsess over things. And not always in a good way. It’s how a one-mile weekly run turned into three […]

Works in Progress

I was tagged by Meredith at Gurgling Thoughts to answer The Next Best Thing questions (TNBT). I’m grateful for the chance, and love that she included me with some other fantastic writers. Here we go. The Rules: Answer the ten TNBT questions listed below about your current WIP. Tag five other writers and link to […]

Grace at the Shoe Store

Alright. I’m about to get all Jesus-y up in here, so you’ve been warned. In my Quest for the next marathon, I bought new running shoes. And insoles. I let the nice lady at the fancy running store fit me for a new running bra. While I shopped, other customers entered the store. An older […]

Why I Run: Jan’s Story

The story I had planned to share today is not quite ready. When i put put a twitter call for submissions, Jan replied. She wrote, “if you ever want to hear from a slow, slightly overweight runner/ walker who has never run any races, let me know.” and so I did. That is the beauty […]

What Does a Blessing Look Like?

We people are faith are big fans of the grand gesture. We gasp at the stories of the timely and significant anonymous check that arrives in the nick. Goosebumps attend the extravagant healing, the impossible adoption, the miracles for which we hope—and dare not speak aloud—that swim in the bottoms of our hearts, like buoys […]