Who Says You Can’t Change the World?

I’m visiting my friend Ed Cyzewski’s blog house today. Come over and say hi. I’m sharing for his Women In Ministry series, with which I am in love. Here’s a taste: Unlike other contributors to this fantastic series, I do not have a story of overcoming institutional oppression. I cannot wax poetic about shattering the […]

An Exercise in Letting Go

I was kind of relying on you guys to save me from the cute. You did not, alas, live up to this expectation. I just wrote two weeks ago that there was no way these three new baby kitties were staying at this house. No. Way. Now, they’re all sprawled on the kitchen table, which […]

The Perfect Metaphor is Like…

Image courtesy: Jane Austen Film Club “It is astonishing what a different result one gets by changing the metaphor! Once call the mind an intellectual stomach, and one’s ingenious conception of the classics and geometry as ploughs and harrows seems to settle to nothing. But then it is open to some one else to follow […]

Lesson of the Scissortail

Image source: Birds in Central Oklahoma People who don’t live in the “heartland” may not know that we aren’t kidding about that whole “wind whipping down the plains,” thing. Wind alone has removed trampolines and lawn furniture from patios across Oklahoma. The first time I heard a weatherman use the term “gustnado,” I thought he […]

Epistolary Friendship

A dear pen pal of years gone by, someone to whom I’ve not written a letter in years, asked me recently if I’d like to rekindle our letter writing. Twenty years ago, before email and texting, we sent postcards to each other each week. For about three years. I am embarrassed that I haven’t written […]

My Top Ten Books, I Think

Andi Cumbo and I wrote about trends yesterday, in writing, reading, churches and life. Later that day, she posted a link to Jason Konopinski‘s not exhaustive list of his favorite books, which led me to think about the books I’ve been reading this summer; going back through some of the classics, which show trends from […]

Trending Now

Andi Cumbo and I were talking about trends last week, and our dialogue spurred dual posts. Make sure to check hers out, too. And I’m guest posting on Finding Heaven Today, about one of mmy least favorite words: Should. I have been both the victim and the champion of trends. In fourth grade, I had […]

Why I Run: Alan’s Story

Great story today from my twitter friend, Alan Knox. I love the way he tells this story, and his enthusiasm is contagious. Visit his running site to connect and be inspired. Why do I run? I was once asked that question by a four year old boy. I had run past him while he was […]


She’s home. I missed her. I subsisted for a week on her meager rations. Texts that came early in the morning, or later than I expected. “Hi mom!!!!” “Luv u!!!” 😉 “gtg” She came home, lugging her favorite pillow and a pack of soccer gear, weary and happy and, I’m just going to say it, […]


My daughter teases me. She tells her friends, “My mom bought a shirt because she wanted to understand it.” She uses verbal air quotes, and they all look at me, gawking. They look back at her and laugh. And run off. When I sit to create a garment, I have to do all the steps […]