Monthly Archives: June 2012

Who Says You Can’t Change the World?

I’m visiting my friend Ed Cyzewski’s blog house today. Come over and say hi. I’m sharing for his Women In Ministry series, with which I am in love. Here’s a taste: Unlike other contributors to this fantastic series, I do not have a story of overcoming institutional oppression. I cannot […]

The Perfect Metaphor is Like… 1

Image courtesy: Jane Austen Film Club “It is astonishing what a different result one gets by changing the metaphor! Once call the mind an intellectual stomach, and one’s ingenious conception of the classics and geometry as ploughs and harrows seems to settle to nothing. But then it is open to […]

My Top Ten Books, I Think 21

Andi Cumbo and I wrote about trends yesterday, in writing, reading, churches and life. Later that day, she posted a link to Jason Konopinski‘s not exhaustive list of his favorite books, which led me to think about the books I’ve been reading this summer; going back through some of the […]