The Middle Space

The Church Brew Works handed out beer. It was the best beer ever in the whole history of the world. I helped myself to 2. They were small. The underground train whisked me through the dim belly of the airport, quickly, too quickly, away from my family and friends. Just hours ago I had laughed […]

Why I Run: Ave’s Story

WHY I STARTED I started to run because I come from a long line of athletic and competitive people. Participating in competitive sports is in my nature and it was a foregone conclusion that I would eventually find something athletic that I enjoyed. I started to run because my Dad was a runner and has […]

22 Years, 26.2 Miles

I met her in 1990. Before I met my husband. Before she met hers. We went to different schools but there was something about Bea that I wanted to know. I wrote her a letter during the summer, and she wrote me back. We wrote all summer (these were the prehistoric ages, when email wasn’t […]

Goings and Comings

Lights flash in the dark. I can see them through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Other barely awake people have trudged through lines barefoot, holding our papers. My son, my youngest, my silly boy, woke with me at 4, begging for a snuggle. How do you tear yourself away from the fat tears of youth? He asked, […]

The Sweet Spot

I ran under a cloud of my own making. I struggled mentally to find that open space I crave, when every thought can be captured inside a bubble and either popped, inspected or put aside for later perusal. Instead, my mind filled with too many bubbles, an overflowing tub run amok. There were flashes of […]

Why I Run: Bethany’s Story

Why I Started Running Cancer is a mean son of a bitch. It came for my Dad 8 years ago. While he endured treatment, I looked at my young sons, still in diapers, and I tried to imagine their lives without him. I needed to hurt so I didn’t have to imagine that world for […]