Monthly Archives: May 2012

Hold Me: The Teenage Years 4

Gather ’round, folks. Scoot your rockers closer, stop playing with your dentures and simmer down. Kids these days. My parents never had to shoo us out the door in the summer. We lived outside in the summer. From sun up to way past sun down. We’d wake, shove a bowl […]

The Swimwear Manifesto 7

This post was originally published July 11, 2011. I killed my site by accident this winter, and lost all the amazing comments on this post. Leave some new good ones, eh?  So, I need a better internal editor. The model I have now tends correct my mouth too little too […]

Remember When… 4

  Sit down right now. Give me this moment. Write whatever’s running through you. You might start with “this moment” and end up writing about the gardenia you wore at your wedding seven years ago. That’s fine. Don’t try to control it. Stay present with whatever comes up, and keep […]

A Week in the Life

Sometime during advent, my friend Kristin ran a post of instagram photos describing a particular aspect of advent. I don’t recall the exact theme, but I do recall the photos. In one, we saw a dark alley hung with Christmas lights, and a dumpster in the foreground. The image was […]

My Other Mothers 4

My mom rocks. She is smart, funny and kind. She laughs at my jokes while chiding me for being mildly inappropriate. We are both in on the joke: I am only mildly inappropriate to make her laugh. She has the best laugh. Most people don’t know she has a wicked […]