Secrets of Success

Being part of the Tulsa Blogger Meet Up group has its distinct advantages. Someday soon, these lovely people are going to figure out I’m not an SEO, niche-kinda gal. Until then, I will continue to enjoy their monthly get-togethers, with their delicious edible options and lip smacking libations The kind people at Tulsa’s new La […]

Why I Run: Jules’ Story

┬áMeet Jules. She is pure delight. I’ve followed her journey on facebook, and for every grumble she lets go, she celebrates three times as much. I am proud to know Jules and proud of her strength, courage and heart. Why do you run? What to share your story? Let me know and we’ll get moving […]

The Power of the Perfectly Framed Question

When it came time to decide if we’d homeschool again next year, I asked my friend Katharine for help. She’s been teaching her 5 angels for ever, with a smile on her face. Whereas I was sure I was falling pretty short as homeschool mom of the year. I don’t even look like a homeschool […]

More Milk and Cookies: Running and Writing Redux

Inspired by the last list on running and writing, I have six more ways that running and writing are like oreos and milk. Gotta give a shout out to Nicole L. Bates for inspiring me to keep making my lists. And, in a seredipitous twist, she actually gave me a shout out on her blog […]

Why I Run: Faith’s Story

Well, what is there to say…it is FINISHED!! Did my first, hopefully of many, Triathlons. In Santa Cruz California and oh what an experience it was. Penni, a National Race Director and friend, inspired me to do the race. “oh…of course you could do it Faith…I’ll send you an email with all the information. And […]


Are you tired of my marathon training updates? I ┬ácan’t seem to help myself. Running, alone, for that long, I’m bound to have one lucid thought. Right? I felt a little guilty on my long run yesterday, because it was Palm Sunday, and there I was, NOT in church, NOT shouting Hosannah, NOT waving shiny […]