The Meh Race

In a weird weather twist a la last year, I “slept” to the sound of thunder rumbling across the plains, (not just the Thunder winning the first game in their series with Dallas) praying for clear morning skies and a few minutes of actual sleep. I suppose I had some, because my running partner and […]


We ran headlong into the northerly wind, in shorts that were too early a nod to spring. Our legs felt the raw lash of the breeze and our muscles slowed despite themselves, fighting against something we could not control. With my running parnter, I have permission to say and be anything I want without worry […]


When I was a kid, I spent more than my fair share of time in church parking lots. On Sundays, we’d shuffle off to wait for our parents, gabbing inside. On Wednesdays, we’d play kickball and street hockey in the old lot behind the building, the sound of the red ball thunking against our feet […]

Presence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Does knowing a history make us love places more? I tried to move away from Tulsa and back to Pittsburgh for the first three years we lived in Oklahoma. Everything, I decided, was better in the ‘burgh. We had better weather, better sports, better landscape, better highways, better people (my family is there, so you’ll […]

Why I Run: Nicole’s Story

Nicole is one of my newest BFFs in twitterland. She’s got a great blog, a great sense of humor and smarts. Say hi to Nicole. The story of how I got started running, and why I continue to do so, are two very different tales. How I got started: I have always been an athlete. […]

Tension in the Timeline

They came on horses, on foot, in crowds tired and tattered, forcibly marched west, faces stained with salt and dust and heartache. They came, freedmen who had heard the tales of jobs, chances, homes of their own. They boarded trains, rode wagons, gathered up their lives and moved them from the deep south to the […]


The wisdom of children is not to be ignored. My children had read the book Bridge to Terabithia before we took them to see the movie. I had not read the book, and therefore did not know the ending. As we walked into the theater, one of my kids said, “Oh, I think I’ll cry […]

Why I Run: Laurie’s Story (and a giveway)

If I could personify running, she would be the big sister I never had. Except sometimes it feels like I get all of the bickering and none of the cool stuff like sharing clothes. She teased and tormented me during my younger years. I was always the last kid to finish the ten long Presidential […]


No one sat on the metal bleachers. We huddled in small groups under blankets, jackets, umbrellas, under the canopy of low, grey clouds. Rain fell in spurts and gushes alternately. As soon as we thought we might be able to see something, the rain came again. Our daughters ran on a vast green field striped […]

How The Mighty Fall

I admit it: I was cocky. I didn’t need no stinking plan. I had already mastered—by which I mean, I had run— 21 miles. How different could 22 be? What’s one mile to a full-fledged, long-distance athlete? I scoff at a mere 5k. Pshaw. A mile. I so got this. I so did not have […]