Weekend Reading

Oh, it’s been a long week, my darlings. I escaped to my friend’s guest room for some much needed quiet writing time on Friday, where I was able to review my week, get some solid research done, and not be the teacher for a day. I am thinking about doing one week of homeschooling posts, […]

Change It Up

As much as I enjoy listening to audio books on my long runs, I had to give up the practice. Running to narration is so pleasant, it’s like you’re not doing any work at all. Sort of. Actors with lovely voices tell me stories and I let my brain fade into worlds created by others, […]

Rituals With Annie

Every morning, I plant myself in front of the bookshelf in the corner of my room. On one shelf are set out my icons—St. Patrick, St. Anne, and St. John Maximovitch—and various other objects, most of them gifts, that help focus my attention. I light two candles, cover my head, and begin to pray: “I […]

Building a Life

(I’m guest posting over here today as part of Lisa Colon Delay’s Spiritual Guidance for Bloggers Series. She’s so cool, I call her LCD: The Big Screen.)   About half through Shawn Smucker’s latest book, Building a LIfe Out of Words, I thought I had found my favorite chapter. In it he makes a connection […]

Why I Run: TNTIL

This post comes courtesy of my friends at Team in Training Illinois. Follow their work on twitter here. I don’t have any info on the author, but I don’t think that matters when you know what Team in Training does. They are dedicated to raising as much money as they can to fight cancer. We […]

Getting Through the Desert

Today I discovered that running 20 miles is like having a baby. There are stages, mental signposts and hard work involved. And, I chose to participate actively in both of them. The thing that kept me going, besides the music and the fact that my car was parked 10 miles away, was the knowledge that […]

Seven Things I Learned about Writing from Running

I told  a new internet friend that running and writing are like Oreos and milk. You can’t have one without the other. Technically, you can, but really, the Oreo experience is enhanced exponentially (I like to say exponentially, because the mister is a math geek, and he says that is using the word wrong) with […]

Ritual: Lenten Reflections

Today, my lovely friend Leah Thompson, college peer and just rockstar human being, tells a story about Lent as a child, and a profoudly simplle lesson she learned. This year I have not been too focused on Lent, I am ashamed to say.  I had the stomach flu on Ash Wednesday, so I did not […]

Why I Run: Cora’s Story

Meet Cora, my unmet but loved friend. What a powerful story she tells. I run so I can rewrite history. I run so I can transform a family legacy from that of poor lifestyle choices, chronic illness, and untimely death to one that celebrates life and wellness. I have witnessed many health catastrophes first-hand. My […]

On Purpose

Whew. I’m here to tell ya, 18 miles on foot is far. My training “program,” such as it is, called for just this distance, and as The Flight of the Conchords would say, conditions were perfect. Rain-pregnant clouds ballooned over Tulsa. The heavy air got a rather urgent nudge from the southerly wind. Temperatures hovered […]