Consider the Birds

I used to have a thing for bird watching. Now, I didn’t get a book and binoculars and perch myself in a tree to watch. I just liked to pay attention to the small dark shadow flitting above my head, or in my peripheral. If I turned in time, I was rewarded with a glimpse […]

Unladylike: A Review

When Pam Hogeweide’s book, Unladylike: Resisting the Injustice of Inequality in the Church zoomed onto my ereader, I confess, I ignored it for a few days. I was afraid. Not of being challenged or of disagreeing with Hogeweide, but of being challenged by hard truths, and a potential call to action. Because I did not […]

The Spider and the Clam

. We brought her into the house, two hours old and all bundled against the Oklahoma wind that might, perchance, dare to take a swipe at her brand new soft skin, though we hustled her to the car with speed and care, though she was exposed to the elements for the briefest of moments, though […]

Container Words

                    A confluence of conversations on a spinning vortex of topics has left my brain swirling like an overflowing…well, washing machine. Reading a book on gender inequity in the church at the same time I’m reading about America post-Revolutionary war, through the eyes of a Frenchman […]

Poo Stuck to My Shoe

I’m kind of a big deal. I know this because Klout tells me so, and I have this mug. We all know that if the Internet says I have a vast reach, touching the lives of tens, and my mug confirms it, then it must be true. I got this screen cleaner thing as a […]