A Bottomless Well of Hope

The Dog is a wagging, pooping, barking embodiment of hope. His hope is relentless and vast. Nothing can shatter The Dog’s daily measure of hope will not be quenched. He does not comprehend that I am not going to take him with me running. Not now. Not anymore. But daily he rises, at the merest […]

Why I Run: Tom’s Story

Meet my friend Tom. I sat behind Tom in 8th grade math class, with Mr….I can’t remember, but he had hairy ears (the teacher, not Tom). We used to get the stink eye from Mr. HairyEars for talking in class; I’m totally blaming Tom for that. He kills me with his dedication to training, even […]

Great Reads

When I sit at my desk, next to the kids doing their math and reading, I have brief moments that are just short enough to keep me at my desk, but not long enough to start—or finish—any kind of thinking things through project. So I skim around to my favorite blogs and sites. This week […]


My friend Kristin, of Halfway to Normal, wrote this week about Lent, or rather about how Lent seems to sneak up on her and grip her with one of two brands of guilt. In the first scenario she feels guilty for not celebrating Lent. In the second, her guilt is because she’s not practicing it […]

Why I Run: Kelli’s Story

Every Tuesday, we gather around the virtual fireplace to hear the tale of a new friend’s Why I Run adventures. I continue to be inspired, impressed, humbled and motivated by the stories they tell. If you are interested in sharing your Why I Run story, shoot me an email or click on the Why I […]

What We Heard

I took a week off marathon training. It was not because I was tired of running. It was not because the weather was bad. I did not take a break because I had some super cool, athletic injury. I took a break because life had thrown wrenches—tiny, sharp, barely perceptible but aggravating nonetheless—wrenches my way […]

The Accidental Homeschooler

The Accidental Homeschooler Without rehashing a very long decision process that in retrospect seems confusing and short and slightly cloudy, it is enough to say that about this time last year our family decided to give homeschooling a shot. The reasons are as varied as my children and as fraught as a teenager on a […]

Be Mine

Yesterday, I heard from a dear friend that she and her husband have separated. She is not the first person I know who has told me this same story, but it was couched in her language, shrouded in her pain. I bow my head in sadness, in desperate hope, in knowing. Marriage is hard. And […]

Why I Run: Jennifer’s Story

Say hi to Jen Ferguson, who blogs at Finding Heaven Today. We’re going to hear more from her and about her in the coming month as we work toward making the Soli Deo Gloria retreat a success for the women who attend. I started running because my dad did. Watching him run, I was continually […]

Divided We Unite: A Review

So, I read Pam Hogeweide’s book, “Unladylike: Resisting the Inustice of Gender Inequality in the Church,” and half through, felt like burrowing my feminine head in the sand. But I plowed through, becuase I like Pam, and because her book held promise and hope. (Of which I write here.) About the time Pam’s book came […]