The Art of Procrastination

I’m supposed to be writing an essay for inclusion in a book. I’m to have been writing it for…um…well… a few months now. The wonderful and kind and thoughtful—and did I mention beautiful—editor of the book has given me a grace period. Trouble is, I’m struggling with it. And like all smart people everywhere, when […]

Notes from a Road Trip

This post is an experiment. Together, we shall test the limits of my tired eyes to view my phone keyboard. We will discover the clunky chunkiness of my thumbs. We will come to understand the loopiness of my sun and sand enfeebled mind to string together words in some kind of order. I’m at the […]

Are Girls Welcome?

It was an innocent tweet. I was excited. I did not intend to stir the pot. Usually, if there’s a pot to be stirred, I’d rather do it intentionally. Here we go (@ LEGOLAND Florida w/ 8 others), Jan 05 from foursquare See? Just a little tweet about being under sunny blue skies, with my […]

Resolution or Solution

Every Tuesday night, I join a group of writers online to chat via twitter. The chats are moderated and sponsored by Whole Story Media Group and some fantastically talented folks. Each week, they choose a topic and we gab about it online for an hour. (9 pm EST, #wsmg, join us).  I’ve come to cherish […]

Why I Run: Lee Ann’s Story

Lee Ann and I go way way back, to high school and then to college. She is strong, quiet and wicked funny—she is Superwoman. I hope you like her story; I can almost hear the theme from “Rocky” playing as I read her words. What a great tale. Like many people, I started running to […]