Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Art of Procrastination 9

I’m supposed to be writing an essay for inclusion in a book. I’m to have been writing it for…um…well… a few months now. The wonderful and kind and thoughtful—and did I mention beautiful—editor of the book has given me a grace period. Trouble is, I’m struggling with it. And like […]

Are Girls Welcome? 8

It was an innocent tweet. I was excited. I did not intend to stir the pot. Usually, if there’s a pot to be stirred, I’d rather do it intentionally. Here we go (@ LEGOLAND Florida w/ 8 others), Jan 05 from foursquare See? Just a little tweet about being under […]

Resolution or Solution 14

Every Tuesday night, I join a group of writers online to chat via twitter. The chats are moderated and sponsored by Whole Story Media Group and some fantastically talented folks. Each week, they choose a topic and we gab about it online for an hour. (9 pm EST, #wsmg, join […]