Monthly Archives: January 2012

Why I Run: Katharine’s Story 2

I used to walk. It started when I was in high school. I had to get out of my house. Walking around the block, and then around the neighborhood, seemed like a much more acceptable practice than actually running away. We were, see, an upstanding family in a working class […]

State of Dismay 5

Next week I will review of Pam Hogeweide’s new book “Unladylike,” which is knocking my socks off. But Pam raises some important questions that seem uncannily prescient in light of recent current church events. I don’t want to rehash the scandals, the uproars or the opinions, but social media streams […]

Paying Friendly Forward 1

My new internet friend Eric Wyatt, of sunny Florida and fancy fountain pens, included little old me on a Seven Random Facts posts. You can read it here; he’s really quite the wordsmith, yo. So here’s the deal, lifted verbatim from Eric’s post: As tradition states, those listed in the […]

Tips from a Pro 10

  Let’s be clear up front. I’m not the pro in question. Far from it. Of course, that didn’t keep me from writing a book “about” running when I’m not half the runner I think I am in my fecund imagination. In there, in the sunny green fields of make-believe, […]

Why I Run: Becky’s Story 10

Say hi to my college friend, Becky. I feel confident in saying I don’t think either of us was much of a runner back in our Chatham days. I asked Becky to write for this series, because I wanted her to share the really long recovery journey she’s endured since […]