Why I Run: Steve’s Story

Jennifer asked me to share with you all why I run.  Though we’ve never actually met, Jennifer and I ‘friends’ on Dailymile and Google + and now Facebook.   I enjoy following her posts on DM and reading her writings. Unlike many people I see posting on Dailymile, this whole thing called running was foreign […]

Waiting Like a Child

His young cheeks are rosy from his internal furnace, his feet are bare, he’s nearly vibrating with energy. Every day, our son sits down to school in front of the Advent calendar. He makes sure his sisters have done their due diligence. From December 1 til Christmas, they take turns removing one impossibly small stuffed […]

Hot Sweaty Mamas: Book Release Party

To celebrate the release of the new book, Hot Sweaty Mamas, I’m delighted to share a guest post from one of the authors, Kara Thom. Find out more about the book here, and follow Kara on twitter. You’ll notice it’s similar in nature to this recent post regarding the place for excuses.  Missed Your Workout? […]

Why I Run: Origins

For your reference, there is never a good time to not back up one’s website content, neither is it ever convenient to have to rebuild one’s website from another’s RSS feed. You heard it hear first. In the past week, I’ve been reposting stories from runners and writers and readers and all around cool kids. […]

Why I DON’T Run: Kristin’s Confession

Let’s try this again. Sorry for the confusion. Apparently, when I’m tired and can’t see well, I click buttons willnilly l like and lose important things, like, you know, Kristin’s blog post on why she doesn’t run. One more time.   This woman! She tells the story of how this post came about. And I […]

Out The Door

A cold gust blew me back a step from the open front door. She took a step forward, adjusting her coat, positioning her purse on her shoulder, throwing back her hair. Her father sat in the car at the curb, warming it up for her. I wanted to ask her if she had her lunch […]

How Long is Too Long?

We are not a people used to waiting. I have a friend who says that our species has devolved since the invention of the microwave. To whit: it is no longer acceptable to wait an entire 50 minutes for a perfectly delicious baked potato. We want that spud and we want it in 6 or […]

My Amish Roots: A During* View

One of the first pieces of Shawn Smucker’s writing I read was a blog post. I don’t remember the topic, but I do remember thinking that I would read anything he wanted to write about. Even his shortest posts are punctuated with tangible scenes painted with a confident hand and a grasp of human fragility. […]

Why I Run: Bill’s Story

Bill is a Dailymile.com friend of mine who writes the most lovely descriptions of his runs, from moonlit mornings to dusky sun settings, Bill captures so much in a few words of detail about each mile he logs. He shares today why he runs. Meet my friend, Bill. I’ve been running for 50 years, with […]