Nature Nurture

I heard it happening, could predict the series of events with perfect prescient parental precision. A happy game on the trampoline between classes, the merry sounds of mirth floating to my half focused ears. I thought it would end in tears about the same time it truly did end in tears. Such is the way […]

Why I Run: Miles’ Story

Miles is a great dude, a local Tulsa friend who tells a fantastic story about his running journey. You’ll find him in his links below. I met him via twitter, then facebook, and then realized he knew a friend. So you see? The circle of internet life, Simba. Please say, “Hey!” to Miles.  Why I […]

One Small Candle: A Writer’s Ritual

This post comes from my super cool new friend Andi. Ask her about her book project. Follow her here or here. It’s not that complicated really, this writing ritual of mine, but it serves me well, keeping this time of day sacred, reserved, set aside for the different. It begins before it really begins with […]

Excuses, Excuses

When I learned I was pregnant with our first child, I suddenly had pregnant lady radar, and it was like an over-sensitive fire alarm. These balloon bellied cutie pies were everywhere, in their sensible shoes and gigantic tshirts. Everywhere. It was as if pregnancy was in the water. Same thing happens when I learn a […]

Why I Run: My Story

I began to run in the spring of 2010. I chronicled my journey from lazybones to run-girl in my book Run With Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of Poo.  I felt fairly confident in my own personal reasons for running. Until this past Sunday, when I completed my third half marathon of this year. […]

Ritual Meal – Ritual Life

You guys! Have I got a treat for you today. My esteemed colleague, Ray Hollenbach, has written an insightful, intensely historical, appropriately contemporary piece for the Rituals series. Ray is one of my favorite writers and thinkers (he’ll demur, but as I say, he’s not the boss of me). His posts always push me, inspire me and challenge […]

The Plant that Didn’t Grow

I have a bee in my bonnet. This bee is more like a dog with a bone. It won’t let go. All the racket it’s making, buzzing—what kind of beewouldn’t buzz, in a bonnet or out—creates a hum I can’t resist. I suppose I should be thankful; sometimes the bees in our bonnets get us nowhere. […]


I have two posts published in Provoketive magazine and wanted to share them with you lovelies today. From Happy Valley Under a Cloud When we heard the news that vaunted Penn State, and Saint Joe Paterno (aka JoePa) had a disturbing skeleton in its closet that spanned years and subjected 10 year old boys to unspeakable crimes, the […]

“Travels in Siberia” and Tulsa

I drove across town last night to All Soul’s Unitarian Church to hear Ian Frazier, author and writer for the New Yorker. He was in Tulsa to talk about the release in paperback of his book “Travels in Siberia,” which is at the top of my to-read list after hearing him. I could not determine […]

There is No “Me” in You

Two of my running buddies posted times for a 5k they ran on Saturday. Really fast times. They are a married couple and they train like crazy people. They were both disappointed in their performance. I could not approach their speed if I had wings. Or a car. I asked a friend about his workout […]