Peeling the Layers

Just before my book was released into the big wide world, more than a few scary thoughts flooded my already soggy brain. I worried if it would sell, of course, but that wasn’t primary. I worried that despite my best efforts, my sweat-inducing revisions, my laborious consideration over certain turns of phrase, my waffling about […]

Why I Run: Lia’s Story

I started running in late April of this year, with the idea that I really wanted to run a mile. Just a mile! I had not run a mile since I ran one in high school, and I remember getting a bad grade on that one, because I could not run it in less than […]

Why I Run: Julia’s Story

I met sweet Julia on twitter. Aside from being a super cool pastor, a runner and smart, she’s also kind and funny. Her running story is another one of those, “Oh, my stars,” kinds of stories. Read it and see.   Why I run:  because I can when others cannot. Have you ever had one of […]

The Talk

Last fall, I ran my first ever 15k. This was my first truly longer distance run, and I wrote quite a bit about how I felt, registering for it, picking up my packet for it, showing up to run it, and finishing it. I made a big deal about how I trained for and ran […]

A Review and Friday Flush

I try to avoid books on depression, because I have depression, and that’s just enough depression for me, thank you very much. But Alise Wright, has pulled together a vivid, visceral, painful, and heartening collection of perspectives that packs a truth that’s hard to hear but important all the same. The book,Not Alone, Stories of Living […]

Magpie Girl

For the first 35 years of my life, my identity was this: I am a Christian. Christianity – specifically evangelical Christianity – was my everything. It was the basis of my family and the source of my social life. The church ran my weekdays at school, owned my Saturday nights at youth group, and occupied […]


My parents recently retired to Florida. Instead of selling or taking their furniture with them from Pennsylvania, they shipped a truckload of sentimental and substantial items to me. I was blessed with my grandmother’s china buffet, her secretary and her carved-front, marble-topped washstand. I love these items, not just because they are pretty, but because […]

Why I Run: Janet’s Story

Janet is a writer, blogger and motivational speaker. She is married and has three college-aged sons. Before her accident, she was a successful business women, owning a garden center with her husband. On her blog, she writes about her experience of overcoming her accident, running and how to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. You […]

Turn and Face the Change…

I woke up today, a full month into our new homeschooling adventure with a brand new feeling. Today I woke up not feeling like I can’t do this, which closely mimics the way I felt upon discovering we were having a third child. I’m still surprised I made it through his first year of life […]