Monthly Archives: October 2011

Peeling the Layers

Just before my book was released into the big wide world, more than a few scary thoughts flooded my already soggy brain. I worried if it would sell, of course, but that wasn’t primary. I worried that despite my best efforts, my sweat-inducing revisions, my laborious consideration over certain turns […]

A Review and Friday Flush

I try to avoid books on depression, because I have depression, and that’s just enough depression for me, thank you very much. But Alise Wright, has pulled together a vivid, visceral, painful, and heartening collection of perspectives that packs a truth that’s hard to hear but important all the same. The […]


My parents recently retired to Florida. Instead of selling or taking their furniture with them from Pennsylvania, they shipped a truckload of sentimental and substantial items to me. I was blessed with my grandmother’s china buffet, her secretary and her carved-front, marble-topped washstand. I love these items, not just because […]

Why I Run: Janet’s Story 1

Janet is a writer, blogger and motivational speaker. She is married and has three college-aged sons. Before her accident, she was a successful business women, owning a garden center with her husband. On her blog, she writes about her experience of overcoming her accident, running and how to maintain a healthy […]