The Race Manifesto

First I’d like to thank the people of Tulsa for cheering me on towards a great finish on Saturday with a smile on my face. Conditions were perfect for the 34th annual Tulsa Run. Sunny, breezy, cool. Thousands of runners lined up coursing with adrenaline and Gu, ready to rock the run through downtown Tulsa, along quirky […]

Don’t Engage the Haters

This is a policy I am trying to adopt. A perfect storm of events, issues and ideas seems to be trying to crack open my brain and make me learn a lesson. I’m slow. These things take time. It’s the little things that irk me, and stupidly, the little things to which I respond. While […]

Of Blackboards and Rituals

My dear friend Leah, with whom I walked the halls of literature studies at Chatham, shares a lovely piece about finding rituals in unlikely places. This is the first in a weekly series; if you’d like to contribute, please let me know. Say hello to Leah.  I had a difficult first year as a teacher.  […]

Why I Run: Tim’s Story

I’m told from his friends that Tim’s kind of a big deal in the running world of Chicago. Some of his buddies, like Darrel H. and Jess M. have shared their stories. And Dan M. wrote for the Identity series. I’m glad to have him here today. Say hi to Tim. Why I Run: For […]

Catching Flies

I don’t know why I always forget that lesson about catching flies with honey, but I do. I forget that the most important words I can speak to others are words that make them feel useful, noticed and appreciated. And then the lightbulb, which had been quietly flickering in the corner of my overworked and […]


I’ve been trying to write this post for two days. As some of you know, I’m in the middle of a year of homeschooling, and I kind of suck at it. I thank God every day my children are smarter than I am, because every day I feel like I’m taking their education backwards. I’m […]

Identity: I am…

Some people say identity is who you are. Other people say identity is what you do. And there are those who would argue identity is who your parents were, where you live, what country you’re from, etc. Here’s the thing. These “people” (the ambiguous they if you will) are wrong. And they are right. They are wrong because identity […]

How Much Do I Love Being Coached?

My friend, K.C. Procter is a good dude. He runs a Wise Gal Wednesday series on his blog, Some Wise Guy and he asked yours truly to contribute. I enjoy writing for other’s blogs because I get to meet new and interesting readers. Writing for a blog like K.C.’s is extra fun, because I get to introduce you to […]


My friend Katharine has written about a new challenge she set for herself. It just so happens to feature my book, out on amazon, b&n and civitas (see the sidebar). What I find coolest about her reflection is the idea that we need people to cheer us on. We need community to help us push on. No […]

Friday Flush—Pride

I went into a fancy pants running store today. I’ve been avoiding them like lima beans, to borrow an image from my friend Kristin*. Yeah, yeah. I know. I can hear you from Tulsa. It’s just a shoe store, that specializes in shoes for people who do the same thing I do: run. Laugh if you […]