Friday Flush***

Oh, Friday, you cruel mistress. All week you taunt me, promising a short nap on the sofa, a few minutes to knit or read. To slow down and have an actual conversation with Big K. To say, “Heck with homework, kids! Go outside and play.” I have ridden the roller coaster of another week, up […]

Why I Play

Today’s post comes from a man who consistently kicks my booty in Words With Friends, and who is a former student of my husband. He is a talented musician and when he and his father play piano together, you can’t help but oooh and ahhh and smile. You guys are going to love him. Meet my […]

Motivate me

I intended to share a new Why I Run post today, it being Tuesday and all. This series has enjoyed a fine, uninterrupted run that began way back on May 24, 2011. Thanks to water on the laptop I was unable to get the post for this week in time, but fear not, faithful Why I […]

Friday Flush

Find me over at Ed Cyzewski’s blog, In a Mirror Dimly, today. I’ve been talking about the power of poo since my book was released. In my case, The Dog’s poo was enough to get me running, to find a new challenge and to carve a new path. In Friday Flush—because I’m 12 years old— I’ll be asking […]

Who Needs Another Writer?

I used to write this magazine column about the towns of Vermont, suggesting fun restaurants, shops, and activities. Part of it was great. I spent my day meeting people who had found what they wanted to do with their lives. They seemed fulfilled and happy, whether it was making clean, safe wooden toys or putting […]

Why I Run: Myra’s Story

Myra is a real life friend. She has an incredible business and a charismatic personality. In short, she is a force of will and beauty. She just ran her first half-marathon and I know she’s going to crush some more. This post originally appeared on her website. Say hi to Myra. Last Saturday I returned from my […]

The Power of Poo

Well, bowl me over. The responses filling my inbox from readers of my book Run With Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of Poo are incredible. You all have lived some amazing lives and been through some heart-wrenching stuff. Some of you are on the other side of deep chasms of pain. Others are […]

Caveats to Unconditional

It happens all the time. Every single day. I let people down. They let me down. We don’t do it, I’m hoping, on purpose. It’s just another one of those kick-in-the-teeth realities of peopling a broken world. I know a man who is so afraid of being hurt that he rejects people, straight-up, before the […]

Why I Run: Sonia’s Story

I just “met” Sonia through a mutual friend Melanie on Facebook (whom I had only recently in real life). Melanie had posted a link to an opinion piece about running skirts, which I adore, for reasons I can share at a later time. Turns out, Sonia works with Run Girl Run at the day before race shows. And then […]


I clicked through my usual pages checking in on everyone in my virtual village: the ones I worry about, the ones who make me laugh, the thinkers, the firestarters, the soul sisters. I love them all. Suddenly I realized it had been a while since I’d seen hide or hair of one person whose seemingly […]