Why I Run: Jess’s Story

Jess is fantastic. Jess has great reasons to run, shares yummy recipes with us on twitter and has a super cool job. One of the reason I like this series is the variety of histories at which we come at life. Notice that Jess says she runs “occasionally” for ice cream. If by “occasionally” she means daily, […]

Just a Little Monday Goodness

My friend Alise asked me to write as part of her August blog party. She’s cool like that. I wrote about finding a blessing where I least expected it. “I can’t.” I glared again at the slender pink stick in my hand. I used my other hand to prop up my head, rubbing my worry lines between my eyes […]

Big Days for Me

My book is scheduled for release on September 1st. Frankly, I’m so caught up in school year shifts and changes that I can’t seem to find space in my brain to think about how incredibly excited I am. Two sites have posted interviews with me about the book. In the coming weeks, you’ll be invited […]

The Identity Liar

“Don’t believe anything Joy says.  She lies,” Mama would tell people throughout my childhood, whether they listened or not.  For Southern Baptists in the 1950’s and ‘60’s, what you did defined who you were.  Maybe that’s still true today.  I don’t know.  But it certainly was the “truth” then.  Good Christians behaved; bad Christians probably […]

Why I Run: Ashley’s Story

Ashley is tearing it up on the mean streets of Chicago. Her story is funny, sweet and kickass, if you’ll pardon the expression. She’s my twitter friend (I promise I know people in real life) and she should be yours. I also want to say that no hard core runners I know would turn down […]

Walking Through Bedlam

  So I had this bright idea: why not gather up all my favorite running friends for a 10k in Tulsa in July? It would be so fun! We could all meet! We could run! It’ll be a blast! Right? Oh, how my plans look so unbelievably amazing in the gauzy haze of my brain. Real life is not […]

Watch Yer Mouth!

*Note: I dropped the ball on the identity post for this week. Hoping to post it tomorrow. It’s a good one.  In the last two weeks, I’ve had my dander raised by two different people, in two different contexts, but both couched in church terms. If you know me, you know it doesn’t take a […]

Why I Run: Taryn’s Story

Please meet my friend Taryn, whom I met via DailyMile and g+. I can relate on many levels to her stories about perfectionism, motherhood and self-preservation. But she’s got some major health challenges to overcome. Take a peek and leave her some love and go read more at her blog.  I grew up a dancer. As a teenager, my […]

Safety Run

Last fall, I was still running with The Dog. I had become used to letting him off his leash when we made it to part of our trail that was rarely peopled; he chased squirrels and geese and splashed in the stream like a child in a bathtub. But one day, The Dog made friends […]

Interval Intervention: I Can Still Do Hard Things

Of Birth Oh, I love telling birth stories, because, duh, they’re birth stories. What’s not to love about meeting a new baby? I tell them because I want women to know that birth doesn’t have to be feared the way some people would have you believe. I want the dumb jokes about screaming and cussing […]